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RedMarlin's News

Posted by RedMarlin - October 15th, 2019


Not to much to show today. Did a few more drawings for the art monster comic and also added a bit more to the writing for it. Work let out early today (I guess more people celebrate Columbus day than I thought) so I used the extra time to clean my room and do laundry, both of which were sorely needed.

I'm also working on a new Youtube video, which as been a while. Nothing super fancy though.

Posted by RedMarlin - October 14th, 2019


I think I know what my problem is. I never finish anything. I make a lot of progress on something, but then something else catches my attention and I move onto that, and nothing actually gets done. I don't think I've even referenced that in the art monster comic yet. It's been over a month since I worked on the SPNATI fan art painting and already I'm moving onto something different. Granted there was a reason for it, but still.

I tried coming up with a few different hairstyles for her. That bob cut at the top is super cute (I've discovered I'm a bit of a sucker for that look) but she's meant to look like she's being dragged up through the water, so unfortunately it won't fit for this piece. My plan is to draw each of the body types on the left with a different rendering style as practice, so maybe in addition to that I'll give them each different hairstyles as well. That would be six for six, though I'm not crazy about that last hairstyle.

I think the key word is momentum. I need to keep the momentum going, and it's important that it doesn't get shifted to a different path, because it's hard to get back on the original once it's off.

Posted by RedMarlin - October 11th, 2019


Moar titties

I have to decide on what rendering style I want to use. I have a folder of different examples but I've never actually gone in and picked one to try and replicate before. Probably will go with something simpler since I'd like to draw each of the different versions here.

Posted by RedMarlin - October 9th, 2019

Double feature


Art monster comic is coming along steadily. I've been working on it here and there in between other things.


We found some clear sticker paper at the office so we decided to come up with some things to print. The image on the left is what I drew while the boss was out, but then he came back and I didn't want to keep drawing in front of him in case I pissed him off again, so I took it home to finish. To put it bluntly, her boobs were coming out rather nicely as I was refining her at work so once I was home I decided to lose the shells and make her a little bustier. That in turn led to me adjusting the rest of her proportions since they were looking slightly off and next thing I knew I had drawn another thick girl. Looking back, the original looks fine - I don't know why that keeps happening. The right one turned out well, but it's important for me to be able to draw different body types. I'll (hopefully) finish the one on the left as the work sticker and finish the right as a NSFW bonus.

Maybe I'll draw her as Cala Maria and get those sweet fan art likes.

Posted by RedMarlin - October 6th, 2019


I went back and redid Chara's cuffs because they just weren't sitting right with me, the old ones. I'm also considering taking away the wrinkles along her elbow because having to work with that as her arms bend at different angles is going to be a nightmare, I feel, and I think the sweater will look fine without them.

Chara's outfit isn't as intricate as what others have come up with, but I hope it has enough detail that she still fits in. Her canon outfit isn't ultra flashy like some anime characters, it's just a plain old sweater(?) anyway.

Once I've confirmed her new model and arranged her template as I want I can start redoing poses... again. It gets better with each iteration, at least there's that.

It's 1:18. I've spent the last several hours playing Sonic Adventure 2 (RIP my GC disk... good thing I have a Dreamcast too) and watching Youtube videos. I have yet to configure Leechblock on the new PC.

Posted by RedMarlin - October 5th, 2019


Finished exporting Chara's feet today. Worked on the art monster comic yesterday during work and also got scolded for working on said art monster comic during work.

Posted by RedMarlin - October 2nd, 2019


I worked a bit more on the Art Monster comic today, but more importantly I finally started working on SPNATI again after moving everything to the new PC. Fortunately nothing really needed any tinkering with. I helped myself a short while back by making a batch file that automatically opens all of the different folders and programs I need to get started, so I really have no excuse to jump in and work.

Still feel overwhelmed by it though. I feel like I duck out of the flow for a short while and everything carries on around me while I'm away. My biggest fear is that I won't be able to catch up. But I think I need to just focus on getting the art done now and worry about all that later. Right now I'm building assets. That in itself is important.

Which reminds me that I also had some poses I wanted to hand draw. I'll probably have to start over on those now that her proportions have changed slightly.

It all takes a lot of time but I think it will be worth it, and seeing how many people enjoy the game even after all this time is encouraging. Especially when you can't talk about it with anyone irl it can sometimes feel meaningless.

Man, I really get melancholy with this thing. You'd think I hate it with how sad it makes me, but that's really not true. I guess I'm just sad I can't devote more time to it.

This is all to say nothing of Marceline.

Though I'm excited to work on both characters' epilogues. I really want to push those for what I can do. Not necessarily with SPNATI's animation engine, but with my own skills as an animator and as an illustrator. I'd like to try and make something custom that looks like it belongs in the game. That's a lot of talk though, and for a long time coming that's all it will be.

The fire's coming back now but I need to go to bed.

Posted by RedMarlin - October 1st, 2019


This may surprise you given my general subject matter as of late, but I'd like to be a children's book illustrator at some point in my career. I enjoy seeing the different illustrative styles people have, from tight and refined to loose and messy. Obviously I'm trying the latter for this book, as I think it fits the art monster well. Think of this like a children's book for adults. Specifically one adult. Me. But maybe others will identify with it too.

Posted by RedMarlin - September 29th, 2019


I got another other bee, though this one shouldn't take too long. I did some thinking about how my mind works when it comes to feeling motivated and also how I react to seeing other people achieving what I hope to achieve. I want to talk about it a bit, mostly just to get it out there. Maybe I'm not the only one with an art monster living in their head.

I don't plan on cleaning up the sketches any more than this, both because I don't want this to take up too much time and also because I think the art monster looks more appropriate with the messy look.

Though that type does clash with it, doesn't it. That might have to change.

Posted by RedMarlin - September 26th, 2019


Lord help me, I have another bee.

Did you know Cuphead was getting a show? I sure didn't, but hearing the news of that reminded me that I had a short story for Cuphead that I thought I might want to turn into a comic some day, so maybe now's a good time to do it. Because you know I don't have any other things on my plate right now.

Migration to the new computer is going slow but is getting there. I have a lot of old artwork to move over and a lot of it needs to be sorted. I want to eventually re-scan all my old drawings (ALL of them) and archive them. I never dated my drawings so I tend to refer to them in ages - Age 0, 1st Age, 2nd Age, etc. - you can tell what age it belongs in by how it looks. That's yet another thing that is sitting in line.

In fact, as of now I have 15 things on my to-do list. Some of them are simple, things like wash the car or organize my closet. Other things are not very simple, things like finish my work with SPNATI or work on comics. I suppose I need to work on separating my tasks into short, medium, and long-term goals, and at that break down the long-term goals so they don't seem so huge and daunting. I was doing that a bit with SPNATI, now that I recall. It all comes back to time management and discipline. Alas.