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RedMarlin's News

Posted by RedMarlin - December 12th, 2019


I needed a break from everything else so I decided to keep painting another sketch I had done earlier of FP at a nude beach. Who knows if or when I'll finish it.


Posted by RedMarlin - December 10th, 2019


I already see things I don't like about this one. I'm in a very closed mindset today. It always happens that when you want to get art done the most you aren't able to and vice versa. Bitter irony.

I feel very dissatisfied with life right now.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 8th, 2019


I need to make a preflight checklist for pieces from now on. Plan out the composition more, determine the color of the light before going into shading, etc. I've learned a few new tricks since I started working on this.

I'm not going to censor these anymore since I don't think it matters.

I put the shutdown timer back on the computer. My sleep habits were getting out of hand. I'll probably hate it for the first few days, but it's for the best. I don't like staying up so late and sleeping in too late afterwards.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 8th, 2019


Finished.. aesthetically it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, so if I have any intent of putting these up for sale (which I kind of did) then I'll have to make another one. Hopefully I can use what I learned from the first model to make the next one nicer. I'll probably want to get a workbench first though. I've just been using the ground and newspaper tarp and whatnot.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 7th, 2019


Shantae doesn't have any nipples in this shot so I'm not going to censor anything.

They reminded me too much of an Autumn gourd. I had to go back and rework them. I also reworked Zone's sweater a bit. Funny how it took so much time to get it right the first go-round but this time I just haphazardly threw down some paint and it turned out fine too. My boss always says not to let the perfect get in the way of the good. Maybe he's onto something.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 5th, 2019


Got the booth more or less done today. I didn't realize when I put that mirror there that Shantae completely covers it up. One thing or another has to be moved. I'll also have to do something to separate the background from the main characters. I suppose that's where planning the natural composition of the piece comes in.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 5th, 2019


Tonight wound up being very relaxing. I plugged in my old Dreamcast and played some Atari games by the light of the Christmas tree. It felt like I was in the 80's. Also reminded me how much it sucks playing Atari games on that thing - everything's so small that it's hard to see. And I still suck at Gravitar.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 4th, 2019

iu_74177_3121503.jpg12:45... could be better, could be worse.

Tonight seemed to slip right between my fingers. I had no errands and wasn't going to the gym, so the plan was to work on art all evening and that just... didn't really happen.

I did work more on the drawing table though. Put a coat of polyurethane on both pieces; I thought I could get away with doing all the sides at once like I did with the stain, but unfortunately the newspaper stuck to the bottom, and not only did it fuse with the wood but the print came off and stained it. Good thing it's the underside.

I also noticed only now that I glued the pencil guard to the wrong side. Ooooops.... fortunately a couple whacks with a chisel and it came off fairly cleanly so I could glue it onto the proper side. A couple light coats of stain and there should be no noticeable difference.

Made a pose in SPNATI as well. I'm quite proud of how the expressions turn out. She might not have the most elaborate model, but I hope she's expressive enough to make up for it. I feel like that's a pattern with my art in general and I hope that people remember me for that, if nothing else. Is that conceited for me to say?

Posted by RedMarlin - December 1st, 2019


Long weekend is over. Soon it's back to the ball and chain, and with it all its detriments. I feel accomplished this weekend though. I got a lot done.

I spent a lot of time trying to sketch out that ladder because of the perspective, wound up getting a bit frustrated and moved onto other things. By the time I was about to finish I got to the mirror, and I had one of those rare moments where I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, so I brought out the messy brush and whipped up an impressionistic look, which I achieved by relaxing my eyes so the canvas appeared blurry to me, forcing me to disregard the details and just throw paint on a canvas. Naturally it turned out better than anything else so far. I seem to remember that when I started on this I wanted the background to be fairly detailed and realistic, but now I feel like I want to go the other way. I've had success with that in past pieces; maybe I should just accept that that's what I can do.

I don't like that though. I don't like the idea that we all are good at just one thing and it's a matter of finding it. I like to think that with enough time and effort we can become good at anything. Perhaps the best path is to use the style I know works while experimenting on frivolous things that I don't necessarily expect to become full pieces. Of course, all that takes time which I still have to budget out to other activities.

Haven't done anything with the drawing table today. But nothing caught on fire, which is always a plus.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 1st, 2019


2:37AM... I had said I would go to bed earlier, but then I read late at night that rags soaked in wood stain can apparently catch fire on their own, so then I spent the next hour or so in a panic reading horror stories and doing this and that to try and set them properly because you just know that it's going to burn your house down in your sleep and--

Anyway, the two halves of the table are stained and now we play the waiting game. The top came out a little darker than the bottom and they both look a little blotchier than I like (wood glue makes it a lot worse too - you can see along the pencil guard how it's brighter) but hopefully a little extra TLC will get them looking nicer. I also got the glass pane a little more frosted with some decent sandpaper and elbow grease, which is good because it's now frosted on its own and bad because that's $20 down the drain for some now-cut-up frost paper that wound up not working. Oh well. Wouldn't be the biggest thing I've wasted money on and we learned something.

I don't know that it'll all be finished by the end of tomorrow but it will definitely be close. I really wish I had more time still. Even with a four-day weekend I couldn't get done everything I wanted to do. I don't know how things can go so right and so wrong at the same time. Maybe it's a matter of one's mindset.

I wanted to work more on art too today. That didn't happen. But at least we got a Christmas tree. That was on the list too.