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RedMarlin's News

Posted by RedMarlin - December 29th, 2019

Worked more on the SS today. Can't post it.

I'm at the boring stage, painting and shading. It makes it hard to want to keep going, but you do what you need to.

Lots of errands-running today. It was fun though. It's fun to shop when you actually have the money for it.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 28th, 2019


I know I said I would stop worrying about censoring drawings I put up here, but these are pretty egregiously NSFW so I'm going to rescind that. Plus I think censoring them this way is funny.

Good productive day today. Did some sketching, made some good progress on the Secret Santa piece. I tried to let go of any cares I had about being right or wrong and sure enough things turned out quite well. I'm trying to get into the mindset of not going in expecting to come out with a masterpiece, but rather go in with the goal of getting into the open mode, simple as that.

I have a nice long five-day break now to do what I want. Tomorrow unfortunately I'll be running a few errands that will probably take up most of the day. Hopefully that doesn't irritate me too much. But part of it is for fun. I need to try and remember that just because it's not the very specific thing I feel like I have to do, doesn't mean it's not enjoyable or worthwhile.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 25th, 2019


It is Christmas.

Day went well. Usually with days like this you feel so pressured to have everything go right that even the smallest mishaps can ruin everything, but fortunately that didn't happen.

I also got to work a little more on the Secret Santa project, which I scrambled quite a bit to avoid giving away what it is.

I felt like I wanted to recreate that same carefree magic that happened while painting the background of the SPNATI painting, but I find that trying to forcefully replicate something like that is like trying to recreate the summer breeze. You can't do it, you just have to let it happen to you. It may come when you want it to, it may not. I am making progress in my own way, but it's very tight and formulaic, and I find that often I look back and am not impressed with the results that way. Do I think too hard? Am I too focused on achieving the end result? Probably. It all goes back to that open and closed mode. Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself since it's for someone else.

I'm talking too much. I'm also starving. My computer shuts down in 15 minutes. More pressure.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 24th, 2019


Christmas is going okay so far.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 21st, 2019


I scanned a few more drawings that I've done while at work. I want to look into getting a faster scanner that can do many pages at a time, but for some reason they're very expensive and I don't know if it would be worth it. I'd mostly use it for catching up. I guess it's a matter of how much I deem the saved time to be worth. Time is the most valuable thing in the world to me, after all.

I also agreed to a secret santa on the FJ discord, so I have to work on that. I don't know if anyone from there reads these (probably not) but I'll hold off on posting anything from it for now. Got a few good ideas from it though, some of them made me giggle.

Today was very productive. Did a lot of tidying up in my room (it actually looks more or less moved in by this point), wrapped Christmas presents, cleaned up the kitchen and had a generally relaxing day. I also reinforced the shutdown timer by creating ten of them and hiding them with random names inside randomly-selected folders that I didn't see. I think the trick is going to be to make turning off the computer and going to bed the most convenient option.

I may try to do something creative tonight, not sure. Did a little more writing yesterday too. Looking at everyone's sketches for the secret santa made me realize just how little I actually draw my characters. Or maybe I do and they're just not scanned. That stresses me for some reason, feeling so disorganized with all of those. Part of me wants to start the process all over again, even though I've already done that a few times now. I keep going back to it after a while and then I can't remember where I left off, and everything is strewn about.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 19th, 2019

[I can't even leave the pic up, it's so bad]

Was feeling a bit uninspired over the past few days for one reason or another. Busy days, lazy nights.

Tonight was kind of frustrating. Settled into a decent groove for a few minutes before I had to leave, then came back and just couldn't get into it. I feel like my knowledge on these things isn't nearly where it should be. Part of me thinks it's because I spread my time over other activities besides just drawing, but another part of me thinks that's just an excuse.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 13th, 2019


Sometimes you just have to scribble it out.

I was going to draw another iteration of the nude beach piece, but I got a bee in my bonnet with writing a new version of my story. It's drastically different than the previous one - whereas the original story was an epic fantasy, this one is a completely realistic, somewhat dark slice of life story. But it works so well - it gives me pause for thought about just what I want to use these characters for. I've often felt that I've been trying to tell two different stories.

Seeing as it's almost 1AM, the shutdown timer obviously does not have as much impact as I had hoped. At the very least it kicks me off for a short while so that I can get ready for bed, but now that the new computer is fully solid state and can boot completely up within 30 seconds, there's not much punishment in forcing it to turn off. I can just... turn it back on again. Perhaps I need to modify it to be more aggressive.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 12th, 2019


I needed a break from everything else so I decided to keep painting another sketch I had done earlier of FP at a nude beach. Who knows if or when I'll finish it.


Posted by RedMarlin - December 10th, 2019


I already see things I don't like about this one. I'm in a very closed mindset today. It always happens that when you want to get art done the most you aren't able to and vice versa. Bitter irony.

I feel very dissatisfied with life right now.

Posted by RedMarlin - December 8th, 2019


I need to make a preflight checklist for pieces from now on. Plan out the composition more, determine the color of the light before going into shading, etc. I've learned a few new tricks since I started working on this.

I'm not going to censor these anymore since I don't think it matters.

I put the shutdown timer back on the computer. My sleep habits were getting out of hand. I'll probably hate it for the first few days, but it's for the best. I don't like staying up so late and sleeping in too late afterwards.