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RedMarlin's News

Posted by RedMarlin - November 24th, 2019


I had one thing I wanted to do this weekend and I couldn't get it done because of all the other things I had to do. I just wanted to make a new drawing table - I need another one and I had plans made for a new model. I wanted to spend a nice Sunday doing that, but that just couldn't happen. At least I got the pieces cut out.

And now it's 9:49 and I have to go to work in the morning. And tomorrow evening I have to make dinner. And the evening after that I have to make a pie to bring to my family for Thanksgiving. I just want more time. I just want more time.

Posted by RedMarlin - November 20th, 2019


Did some doodling while on Discord voice chat. Mind kind of raced here and there, but I finally got going an idea I've had in my notebook for a while for another Adventure Time piece. Flame Princess' whole schtick of being made of fire is good for coming up with ideas.

Now the onus is on me to finish it.

Posted by RedMarlin - November 18th, 2019


Don't know how thrilled I am with how her face turned out. I know Chara's supposed to be creepy, but I don't want her to be over the top, weeb-ish creepy. I want Chara to be more of a Hannibal Lecter type of creepy. Not flashy, just a real, legitimate threat.

Posted by RedMarlin - November 17th, 2019


More SPNATI. Got some more housework done as well. Too much to do, not enough time. Why do I take on so many things?


Posted by RedMarlin - November 15th, 2019


Did another pose today. My motivation has dwindled a bit these past few days. Part of that is personal goings on, another part I think is bad sleep habits seeping back in. 12:12AM. Time to go to bed.

Posted by RedMarlin - November 14th, 2019


Posing takes forever. I had to push myself through just one tonight.

Posted by RedMarlin - November 10th, 2019


I don't know why I stopped with the other chalk style, looking back. It looks pretty good after looking at it with fresh eyes. That's me. Spinning in place, with everything.

Who knows if anyone from FJ will ever read these - if you do, here's my secret: first of all I don't draw as much because I'm working on a porn game (but also because I'm just working). I don't like that it takes time away from it but I also have a ton of fun and I feel appreciated in that community.

Second, that article on the BWW you were talking about tonight? I wrote it. I try to keep my opinions to myself and/or anonymous but I suppose if I'm going to put them online I shouldn't be afraid to claim them as my own. I like to think that behind the venom was a legitimate critique of what went wrong and what went right. Of course if someone put Iris on there I'd probably be heartbroken. I guess that makes me a hypocrite.

Third, I envy all of you, that you believe in yourselves enough to put yourselves out there and market your services as artists to others. I don't have the guts for that. Look at me, I can't even finish one picture without starting it over and over. Though I suppose this was also an experiment in rendering styles, and in that sense this has been a success... and failure. But success because of the failure. You all seem to have a spark that I don't. I envy that.

Posted by RedMarlin - November 9th, 2019


My god, it sure has been a goddamn while. The move-in is going well so far. Finally got my PC up and running again.

As for this damn mermaid, I don't think it's turning out how I want. I kind of like how the process is going, but I feel stuck on it and I'm reaching a point where I want to move onto something else. Still, she's kind of cute... but I suppose I can draw more cute busty girls if I really want to.

Posted by RedMarlin - October 31st, 2019


Worked on SPNATI again tonight, finally. It's amazing to see just how far along she's come.

It didn't feel like Halloween. It was gray, humid, and warm all day followed by lots of rain at night. Only a few houses with lights on for trick or treaters, and at that only a few kids out at a time. We didn't even carve our pumpkins - too busy with other things (but very good things!)

Part of being a grown up is not being able to enjoy some of the more childlike things, it seems. We're moving into a new place soon and as such I've been looking at furniture. Kids bedrooms are so much fun. I wish we could have that as adults still. Adults aren't allowed to have fun rooms.

Posted by RedMarlin - October 29th, 2019

I wanted to work some on SPNATI tonight but before I did I started conceptualizing the look for one of my characters. Then I wound up spending an hour or so drawing some weird bug thing. Might find a use for her - I know a place where she could fit in as a minor role.