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RedMarlin's News

Posted by RedMarlin - July 9th, 2020


This has been quite a frustrating experience, all the more exacerbated I'm sure due to the fact that the other half of this piece is already done and waiting to be shown. It's hard when you feel like all the time you've put into something still amounts to little when in the face of a new challenge. You think you know something well, but you don't.

It also doesn't help when half the tutorials you look up have a very "draw the rest of the fucking owl" approach to them.


Posted by RedMarlin - July 6th, 2020


The fireworks have finally stopped.

I drew a figure and wanted her to interact with something, then I had the idea of adding a giant, ancient robot of sorts. Juxtaposition and all that. I got about this far into the sketch when I realized I know fuck-all about drawing robots, and the journey to try and figure that out has thus far been a rather frustrating one. Unfortunately, usually when I get stuck on something my mind goes into fight-or-flight mode and starts rapidly turning this way and that in a desperate attempt to "do the thing". This then spills over into other activities, because I have to do something correctly, but I'm so preoccupied with succeeding at something that I wind up floundering at everything I'm doing. Even while writing this my mind is racing this way and that. Very impatient. Maybe it's a dopamine thing.

Anyway... I'm tempted to isolate the figure and treat it as its own piece so that I feel more relaxed about taking the time to learn how to draw robots properly, but I also think this composition works well and I don't want to put out half an idea. So I'll probably just shelve it for the time being.

Video essay is still going at a decent pace, but the audio alone is an hour long and it takes about an hour just to do the visuals for one minute of the video. So it'll be a while before that gets completed as well.

We're moving into more long-term projects. I think that's having an effect on my mind as well, since most of the stuff I've done this year is quick and simple. I need to learn to be more patient.

Posted by RedMarlin - June 18th, 2020




Posted by RedMarlin - June 17th, 2020


I wanted to try and do an actual background this time but I don't think it complements the main figure very well, also I don't have as much experience so it's taking some time. I'll take another whack at it tomorrow and see if I can't get something better.

Posted by RedMarlin - June 16th, 2020


Tonight I tried experimenting with colored lighting, but in the end it just looked like I had drug the slider on the hue adjustment. Fortunately it was easy enough to then use the hue adjustment to bring it back, so no harm done.

Posted by RedMarlin - June 16th, 2020


This isn't quite turning out how I want it to. Maybe if I had inked it beforehand so I had a little more wiggle room when shading. But by this point I'll probably just use the watercolor method since by this point it's tried and true, and also super fast in comparison. Ready to have this finished so I can get back to the longer-term projects.


Posted by RedMarlin - June 14th, 2020


I've been trying to use different media besides watercolor with these past couple of pieces. Though this one was supposed to be like oil paint, I realized it's basically my old rendering method. Not bad, but very time consuming, and I'm fighting the sketch and the white of the canvas rather than using them. Still, gives a decent result in the end.

Posted by RedMarlin - June 13th, 2020


Sure has been a hot minute. Not that the past two weeks haven't been productive, they just haven't had anything to do with drawing and/or the book. But finally this weekend I sat down and did some actual art again. Not much, but still felt nice.

The project I'm working on now is another medium-term one that I'm hoping to have finished in the next few weeks, then it's back to the book.

Posted by RedMarlin - May 23rd, 2020


Draft 2: Neck Edition is underway. Watercolor is out, chalk is in.

Still binging Terraria, but I've been a good little artist.


Posted by RedMarlin - May 22nd, 2020



Here they are, the last pages of the first draft. I tried coloring the first one but it didn't turn out how I wanted so I'm going to give it another go, hopefully tomorrow if I can wrench myself away from Terraria for long enough. I try not to feel bad for not working on art for so long, since my job's been pretty grueling as of late and I don't think I should feel bad about enjoying a game I've played for so long given that it's recently updated, but I still do feel guilty if I go for too long. Though I suppose that's a good thing, in a way.

I still feel like I have a lot of revising I want to do in terms of how I draw and color these things, but I am still very excited to have a first draft done.