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Love it. It reminds me of Flash games back in the day from Albinoblacksheep, the experimental ones that aren't afraid to get creative and experimental. I'm glad to see it's still being carried on.

I keep coming back to this game year after year. Still haven't beaten it, but one of these days...

Simple, catchy game that's a good time waster. The only thing I can think to say is that it doesn't quite seem fair that obstacles higher up take more lives and that time goes more quickly. Seems to negate the point of buying upgrades a bit.

I like the concept, but it is very difficult. Some kind of tutorial level where you can teach us a couple different tricks for turning the box would be useful.

So simple, yet so satisfying to play. The sound of the popcorn popping, the suspense as the lid slowly lifts up and the timer slows down, everything's just right. I can see this being really successful as a mobile game.

HEAT9 responds:

LOL thank you for your detailed feedback, I really liked the way you described it!
It might be a successful mobile app if it gets any exposure, and NG is the only site to have given me any chance so far. I will release the game independently on Android by tomorrow and iOS maybe a week or 2 later because Apple's review process takes about that long.

Fun game. Very tough though. But once it clicked, I got a tad bit better.

Fun concept, but it needs a little more. Gameplay is very slow (pace-wise, not frame-wise), and even when I'm clicking directly on the babies, his dong usually stops just short.

I don't think I like some of the changes you've made since you first released the game. I notice that the pace has been sped up a bit, which takes away some of the suspense, and the gun shaped like a banana makes things, dare I say, a bit too goofy-looking.

I have always wanted to play a game like this, where everything happens in real time and you have to decide what you spend your time doing. I thought it was a very lovely story with some heartwarming moments. I spent the first evening with my parents. The others, perhaps I'll save them for a rainy day.

Yeah, I got the good ending on my first try... It was pretty damn obvious, actually. Doesn't mean the game wasn't fun. It was very short though, and I felt the ending was a bit too drawn out and overdramatic - more suited for an hour-long movie than a ten-minute game (or however long it took).

Interesting concept, fun game.

Perfectly unremarkable

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