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All three of these are fantastic. Very colorful and expressive. You say you struggled but I think you're focusing only on flaws you see as the creator.

Zaccura responds:

Thanks so much! I think you're probably right, but it's hard not to when you're studying such masterful work like Ghibli haha. ;)

These are always so mesmerizing.

I think your drawings turned out well, but I also think your shading right now isn't quite doing them enough justice. With a little more contrast and maybe some refinement on the line work, I think it could really take it to another level. I would encourage you to give it a try!

Very nice! You did a good job showing his personality and I enjoy your rendering style. Good work on the wrinkles in his clothes and the shading on his hands. I wonder if you might be able to give his suit one extra layer of shading. I feel like some of the areas get a little big that it could benefit from it.

Zaccura responds:

I'm so glad ya like it! And thanks so much for the review! :D

I like this. Simple yet effective. One thing I feel though is that the extra shading on the spider's body makes the background feel a bit too simple in comparison.

Nondull responds:

Yeah that's pretty fair.

Lovely graphic design and calligraphy. I like the subtle texture effect you gave to the portraits as well. The piece feels sleek and modern.

Great piece. Good linework and nice vibrant coloring on the skin. I like how the character takes full advantage of the different textures and effects that can be achieved with a digital medium. Sometimes a kitchen sink approach like this works very well. Unfortunately, I do think that it makes the background look a bit lacklustre in comparison. I would encourage you to try playing around with some effects to help it blend in stylistically.

EHXKOR responds:

Aye, thanks man! I will definitely keep that in mind. I didn’t go too far with the background to be honest, I just set up a radial symmetry ruler, scratched down some lines and used a liquify tool to push them around a little bit to make something that looked interesting.

I love the way you paint your backgrounds! And I especially like how you paneled this out, with the last panel serving as the background for the previous. Good effects on the text too - I like the perspective you gave it on the second panel, giving it depth and volume.

Alamus responds:

Hey, thanks for noticing the breakdown of the page! I'm really glad someone got the 2nd panel. The idea of her laughter being hurled at him, like a bombardment, ya know? It's things like that I feel get written out more than visually shown and have it come across to the reader. I'm glad I was able to have that get across.

What I interpret from your writing is that we are too drawn to needless distractions such as phones and social media, to the point where a quiet night in nature seems maddening.

I think this piece turned out well. Great use of texture on the background, good use of color and weight, and lovely contrast between the razor-thin strings and the rest of the image. You can really feel their tension, as if they're digging into your skin. Well done.

Excellent rendering style!

Perfectly unremarkable

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